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About us

MINDHAUS is an integrated
tourism marketing strategy organization.

All of our expertise is at your disposal to empower your brand in accordance with your own vision. With a proven track record in the industry that blend business acumen and pioneering creativity, we add critical marketing value to tourism enterprises and destinations. Being part of a leading regional communication group, the V+O Group, we combine our industry expertise and unique network with branding, PR, international media advertising, digital marketing, online reputation and social media expertise, all under one roof.

Who we are

V+O GROUP is a leading integrated communications agency, with an extensive domestic and global network of partners through which it offers businesses and organisations value in analysis, strategic council, creative direction and actionable solutions. With a 16-year track record of development and expansion, it has 130 employees across its international network (75 of them in Greece), 120 established clients and offices in Athens, Brussels, Belgrade, Bucharest, Lagos, Sofia, Tirana and Nicosia addressing a market of 250 million consumers. It has acted as communication advisor for major international and local players in the tourism sector, ranging from airlines and cruise lines, to hotels and destinations.


Founded on strategy. Bolstered by creativity. Building to success.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to provide strategic counseling, with a full focus on effectiveness and optimization of time and resources. We strive for the highest standards of excellence for every single one of our clients, working through an integrated marketing approach. Starting with a thorough situational analysis and extending all the way to final reporting of results on each initiative, we provide our services whatever the size of the client. Starting with planning and initiating marketing projects at a tactical level in order to align the client’s overall marketing strategy, we can adopt a full advisory role when required, with coaching and support, taking you all the way through to the actualization of the entire marketing strategy. We act as our clients’ partners offering personal, fully customized, case-specific consulting. And always according to a set of pre-agreed results-driven targets.

What we do

Specializing in Tourism Marketing, the MINDHAUS team act as your strategic guides and coaches in marketing and branding, guaranteeing top quality and lighting your way to the most effective delivery of the kind of results you are looking for. From planning to realization, your business benefits from top level strategic guidance to achieve measurable objectives. We take special pride in helping you actualize your vision within the available budget, with results that speak for themselves.

  • Marketing planning & Tourism Product Development (TPD)
  • Tourism Brand Strategy & Competitive Identity
  • Creative Brand Storytelling & Visual Communication
  • Brand Communication Advocacy
  • Campaign Planning & Management
  • International Media Campaigns
  • Internal Brand Transformation

Our approach

The Mindhaus Room Plan:
Accommodating your vision

Check-up Room

The first phase of the enhancement process is for your brand to undergo a comprehensive health check. This is where we assess all your brand’s vital signs in order to identify where to direct attention in the process of getting you and your brand fighting fit.

Engine Room

It’s time to enter the engine room, the nerve center at the heart of MINDHAUS. It’s where we do the research and analysis as part of a comprehensive marketing assessment. We look at your brand, its competitors, international best practices, latest trends. We look at how aligned your different departments are. We construct a tourism marketing plan, piece by piece, until it’s a perfect fit for you. And then we commit to measurable results.

Creative Studio

Get ready for a creative makeover. This is where your brand gets to try on a whole new wardrobe and experiment with new styles that match your marketing assessment. Modern, post-modern, loud, delicate, bold, subtle, daring or minimalist. All that matters is that you look great and that it’s the perfect match for your audience.

Communications Hub

Your brand’s looking good. It’s got a spring in its step and it’s firing on all cylinders. Now it needs to shout its new-found confidence from the rooftops. So this is where we figure out how you’re going to tell the world about the new you. A fully developed communication plan to spread the word to those who already know you and those who don’t. Yet.

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